Pediatric Athlete Nutrition Course

With Dr. Maria Roriz

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Pediatric Athlete Nutrition Course

Welcome to the Nutrition for the Pediatric Athlete course, a journey of knowledge into the world of nutritional health, performance optimization and specific care for children and adolescents involved in sports activities. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Maria Roriz, a professional with solid experience in the nutritional monitoring of thousands of athletes, this course offers a unique experience, guiding you through the assessment of nutritional status, optimization strategies and fundamental practices for success in the world of youth sports.

In the first section, we will delve into the assessment of nutritional status, highlighting indicators at different pubertal stages, body composition assessment techniques and specific considerations for different sports. At the heart of the course, Dr. Maria Roriz will unveil nutritional optimization strategies, from the criteria for dietary advice to drawing up diet plans, sharing valuable knowledge, skills and strategies for nutritionists who work or will work with pediatric athletes.

The day continues with a detailed analysis of supplementation in the young athlete, differentiating between nutritional and ergogenic supplementation, and providing guidelines on when and how to strategically apply supplements. We conclude with maximizing sports performance, revealing assumptions for dietary plans on competition days and addressing the nuances of thermoregulation and hydration during competition. Get ready for an immersive educational experience, where Dr. Maria Roriz's expertise enriches every concept, transforming your understanding of children's sports nutrition. Let's start this exciting journey to nurture champions in health and sport!


Theoretical component

1.1 Body composition assessment indicators:

Explanation of the relevant indicators at different pubertal stages.

1.2 Fat Mass and Muscle Mass Assessment Methodology:

Description of common techniques and reference values.

1.3 Inter-modality differences:

Analysis of specific nutritional needs for different sports.

2.1 Criteria for drawing up dietary advice vs. a diet plan:

Highlight the differences and when to use each one.

2.2 Characteristics of Food Counseling:

Strategies to maximize efficiency.

2.3 Methodology for drawing up a diet plan:

Detailed steps to create an effective plan.

3.1 Differences between Nutritional and Ergogenic Supplementation:

Clear explanations and practical examples.

3.2 Criteria for recommending supplementation:

Based on individual needs and sports disciplines.

3.3 Timing and Supplement Intake Protocol:

Guidelines for maximizing benefits and minimizing risks.

Theoretical-practical component

4.1 Preparing Food Plans for Competition Day:

Focus on macronutrients and specific strategies.

4.2 Thermoregulation and Intra-Competition Hydration:

Special considerations for young athletes.

4.3 Example of a Competition Day Food Plan:

Practical details, taking into account macronutrient recommendations.


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Maria Roriz


Scientific Area: Nutrition and Food Sciences
Lecturer: Dr. Maria Roriz
Course duration: 02'.40"
Portuguese language
Slides: Portuguese
Subscription price: 116€

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  The subscription grants access to the viewing of the class for 90 consecutive days, starting from the day the subscription is completed.
  Diploma issued by a FIFA, ISAKOS, ESSKA and ICRS accredited centre.
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Maria Roriz Current

Pediatric Athlete Nutrition Course

With Dr. Maria Roriz
Maria Roriz Current

Pediatric Athlete Nutrition Course

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Pediatric Athlete Nutrition Course

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