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Invest in Your Future with Privileged access to the Universe of Nutrition - Extraordinary Knowledge to a Affordable!
Imagine the day you walked through the doors of university for the first time, full of hope, enthusiasm and determination. You were about to embark on an incredible journey, full of opportunities to grow, learn and fulfill your dreams in the world of nutrition.
Now, after studying hard, you receive a diploma that certifies your knowledge and effort. But this is only the beginning of your real adventure. After all, the field of nutrition is always evolving, full of new research, discoveries and trends that can positively impact people's lives. How you tackle this will determine the value of your future success.
This is exactly where Nutrilink comes into play, becoming your link to an ever-growing universe. Imagine us as a personal graduate academy, but without the physical limitations, rigid schedules or exorbitant costs. We are here to provide you with the opportunity to develop your behaviors, knowledge and skills in nutrition, at your own pace and according to your preferences.
With Nutrilink, you'll have access to a variety of modules carefully prepared by experts. It's a valuable investment in your future, at an affordable and, above all, fair price. We believe that progress in the field of nutrition should not be limited by financial resources, but should be fueled by passion, dedication and a thirst for knowledge.
Join Nutrilink to continue your learning journey, which began at university, now without borders or obstacles. Because the quest for knowledge has no limits. And we'll be by your side every step of the way, supporting and encouraging you to reach your full potential.
Welcome to Nutrilink. Your link to the bright future of nutrition, where you can make a difference in people's lives and create a positive impact on the world

The power is in your hands and we are here to guide you towards a rewarding career full of exciting opportunities. Together, let's build a bright future in nutrition!

What you will gain with Nutrilink Premium

The best scientific-pedagogical offer

The best, most complete and largest scientific-pedagogical offer in the context of professional training in nutrition.

100% online

Benefit from live classes as well as recordings wherever and whenever you want.

Academia Clínica Espregueira quality seal

A highly qualified and peer-recognized teaching team.

+ 80% savings

The best quality and value proposition on the market.

There are more than 50 modules

More than 200 hours of content inserted in the technical-scientific reference of nutrition and aligned with the best that is done in the world.

Hands-on Workshops

Learn how to cook, with the guidance of nutritionists, food and nutritional solutions that optimize compliance and the viability of food plans.

What not you can lose

DGERT Certification

Courses with DGERT certification, plus the right to a Diploma issued by a FIFA, ISAKOS, ESSKA and ICRS accredited center.

At Academia Clínica Espregueira, we believe that the quality of knowledge is fundamental, which is why we invest tirelessly in maintaining our certification. It's a challenging and demanding journey, requiring hours of dedicated work and a significant investment, both human and financial. However, at the end of the day, we manage to deliver a seal of quality on a small diploma that represents the best of our DNA: the art of teaching!

Free access to the VIII Espregueira Clinic Congress

The subscription offers you the chance to attend the largest sports medicine congress for free, where nutrition also plays a leading role.

Did you know that every year we organize a congress that brings together the best specialists in your field? It's two intense days, the result of a whole year's hard work and careful planning, as well as a considerable investment. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. Last year, the last participant who bought a ticket invested €110 and, in the end, had an incredible experience, saying "I would have paid twice as much and what an incredible two days it was". This is what we work hard for, and now we've included this exclusive benefit in your Nutrilink Premium. Over 20% of the package price is dedicated to this item alone. Yes, we're generous with you, but above all we're fair with our mission to teach!

Educational Materials

PDFs of lessons, scientific articles and other teaching documents/tools for professional practice.

With a Nutrilink subscription, you'll have access to all the teaching materials provided and authorized by the teachers. From PDFs and Excel sheets to articles and tools, we provide everything you need to make your journey easier. We believe that the secret lies in the process, in consolidation. We know that there are several ways to get from Point A to Point B, just as there are several vehicles. At Nutrilink, we want to offer you the shortest and safest route, equipped and supported by scientific evidence and good practice.
By subscribing to Nutrilink, you are investing in yourself and your professional development. We believe that every advantage associated with our subscription is a step in the right direction, towards a successful career in nutrition.
We are here to support you on every step of your journey, providing you with quality knowledge, access to exclusive events and comprehensive learning materials. Together, we will achieve great things in the field of nutrition!
Team Lecturer
Without a doubt, our DNA lies in providing value based on scientific evidence. We bring together not only those who seek knowledge the most, but also leaders for our educational project. In addition to the most reputable and renowned teachers, we value those who relentlessly search for evidence, who constantly seek out best practices and who generously share the best from around the world, without taboos or personal interests. These are our leaders and your mentors, those who guide the way and enable us to offer excellent training.
Adriana Lages Copia
Adriana Lages
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César Leão Current
César Leão
Claudia Marques
Cláudia Marques
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José Camolas
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Juan Morillas
Márcia Gonçalves Copy
Márcia Gonçalves
Maria Travassos Copy
Monica Sousa
Monica Sousa
Rita Giro Current Copy
Rita Giro
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Ana Isabel Monteiro
Ana Margarida Lopes Copia
Ana Margarida Lopes
Bela Franchini
Bela Franchini
Carla Pedrosa
Carla Pedrosa
Carlos Ferrando
Carlos Ferrando
Catarina Batista Oliveira Copy
Catarina Batista Oliveira
Catarina Nunes
Catarina Nunes
Catarina Trindade Copy
Catarina Trindade
Cátia Pinheiro Ramos
Cátia Ramos
Claudia Afonso
Cláudia Afonso
Claudia Ferreira
Cláudia Ferreira
Clayton Macedo
Elton Goncalves
Elton Gonçalves
Gabriela Ribeiro
Gabriela Ribeiro
Helena Trigueiro Current
Helena Trigueiro
Hugo Rodrigues
Hugo Rodrigues
Inês Mazagão
Inês Mazagão
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Inês Pádua
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Joana Marta Simões
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João Rodrigues
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João Sérgio Neves
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Lisa Afonso
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Luís Patrício
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Margarida Liz
Maria Roriz Current Copy
Maria Roriz
Marta Canha
Marta Canha
FMAC Mireia Porta Oliva
Nuno Borges Copy
Nuno Borges
Nuno Casanova
Nuno Casanova
Osvaldo Santos
Osvaldo Santos
Rachel Freire Copy1
Rachel Freire
Raquel Vareda Copy
Raquel Vareda
Ricardo Cotovio Current
Ricardo Cotovio
Rita Teixeira Copy
Rita Teixeira
Raquel Teixeira
Raquel Teixeira
Sandra Gomes Silva Current
Sandra Silva
Sergio Teixeira
Sérgio Teixeira

Yes, you're one of those who relentlessly pursues excellence, who is determined to elevate your career and achieve success. Here lies the key to your growth: access to invaluable knowledge. We know that transformation is not just a financial investment, but a journey worth every step. That's why we're offering you a life-changing opportunity to gain daily knowledge, for only 1,3 euros per day!

It's a fair price to pay for an extraordinary professional and personal transformation. Get ready to discover secrets, strategies and proven practices that will propel your career as a nutritionist to new heights. This is your chance to invest in yourself and guarantee a bright future. Don't miss out on this unique offer. It's time to make your choice and embark on this journey of success. Get Nutrilink now!

Plan Annual
Nutrilink Premium

12 months' access to all the courses listed on the right/bottom

You will also have access to:
  • Several hands-on workshops
  • Single Faculty Community
  • The support of the Academia Clínica Espregueira team, which is unique for its friendliness, dedication and competence.
  • And also: Access to differentiating support materials, access to consultation support tools...
But it doesn't end here! You will have DGERT Certification in all courses, Access to the Espregueira Clinic Congress in which during two days you will have access to the best national and international specialists completely free of charge.
  • There are more than 50 modules

    More than 200 hours of content inserted in the technical-scientific reference of nutrition and aligned with the best that is done in the world
  • Includes access to courses:
  • Pediatric Nutrition Course... from -9 (months) to 18 (years)!
  • Advanced Course In Eating Disorders
  • Sports Nutrition Course - Special Edition Modalities
  • Advanced Course in Endocrinology and Nutrition
  • Nutrition and Weight Management Course
  • Course: "I'm seeing a vegetarian... now what?"
  • Nutrition & Health in Women Athletes Course
  • Nutrition in Soccer Course
  • Pediatric Athlete Nutrition Course
System single bonus
But something else sets us apart, yes, we are different, we have one objective, to facilitate access to knowledge, and to do this we have developed a plan, a path... A path without barriers, a green lane so that year after year the growth is exponential. 5 years of knowledge at the lowest price on the market! This will be our legacy.

As a Nutrilink Premium subscriber, for just €485 for the first year, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a unique value proposition. If you bought the courses individually, the cost would exceed €2,500. More than 80% in savings. In the second year, you'll have the option to renew your subscription, and the decision is entirely yours, for just 385€This provides an even greater value. In the third year, the value will only be 285€with even more outstanding benefits. In the fourth year, the renewal will cost just 185€This reaffirms our commitment to offering exclusive advantages. And finally, in the fifth year, the renewal will be just 85€This allows you to enjoy simply extraordinary value for money. There aren't enough adjectives to describe the value we offer compared to the price we charge. It's like having a Ferrari for the price of a Fiat, it's a truly unmissable offer. For just €85, you can continue to enjoy all the courses listed above by Academia Clínica Espregueira. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and let us guide you on a journey of knowledge and growth in the field of nutrition. Nutrilink Premium is the key to reaching your full potential in the field of nutrition, at a truly exceptional price. Don't let this chance slip away!

  • There are more than 15 modules
  • There are more than 30 hours of content inserted in the technical-scientific reference of nutrition and aligned with the best that is done in the world.
  • Includes access to TWO courses from those listed in Nutrilink Premium

That's 12 months of access to TWO courses listed in Nutrilink Premium

You will also have access to:
  • Single Faculty Community
  • The support of the Academia Clínica Espregueira team, which is unique for its friendliness, dedication and competence.
  • And also: Access to differentiating support materials, access to consultation support tools...
But it doesn't end here! You will have DGERT Certification in both courses and access to the Espregueira Clinic Congress with special conditions.
Testimonials from Alumni
Good quality presentations and excellent choice of professionals! Topics both broad and specific so they reach a wide audience.
Thank you!
Tiago Melo
Nutrition in Soccer Course
- The soccer nutrition course was extremely useful for me as a trainee nutritionist in a soccer club. The experience was enriching and I learned a lot from the different topics covered. The course provided me with key tools for the elaboration of activities in my professional context. I recommend the course to anyone interested in the area of sports nutrition, especially in the context of soccer.
Marta Cardoso Pereira
Nutrition in Soccer Course
- I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you for the course! Excellent cast of trainers. I certainly feel more qualified for my professional practice. I will certainly be a student of other trainings!
Thank you and best wishes!
Scheila Pages
Endocrinology and Nutrition Course
- I found the course extremely interesting, without a doubt that the knowledge I was able to cement from it will have a huge impact on my clinical practice. The trainers were able to summarize all the important aspects about the female athlete and provided all the necessary material to meet the needs of the female athletic population in various sports. I would recommend the course to all my colleagues in the field of Nutrition and Sports.
Sofia Malafaya
Course Nutrition & Health in Women Athletes
- I would like to thank you in advance for conducting this course, as it was a subject that I had wanted to study for a long time and I was able to. I found the course to be well structured and with a generalized approach to the subject.
Catarina Andrade
Eating Disorders Course
- The Sports Nutrition Course was undoubtedly excellent. From the teachers who taught the classes in the different areas, to the constant monitoring throughout the course, I can only give praise. I learned a lot and I recommend it.
Alexandra Rocha
Nutrition in Sports Course
- I loved it! It was very thorough and comprehensive in terms of content, allowing us to review and deepen content and explore new approaches and tools. The faculty is also amazing. I recommend it! Thank you!
Sara Aguiar
Nutrition and Weight Management
As a mother and a nutritionist, I found it fundamental to take this course in order to act on a daily basis in the most correct and practical way possible. Without a doubt, it made me feel more at ease.
Catarina Louro
Baby's Complementary Feeding Course
- The excellence of the group of trainers, the relevance of the topics covered, the flexibility in accessing the contents of the modules, and the close monitoring of the administrative services are the characteristics that I would highlight most in this training and that have been an added value for the consolidation of my professional activity.
Paula Bryant Jorge
Pediatric Nutrition Course
- I loved the training, it was an incredible experience and extremely enriching in content and enlightening, also giving the opportunity to meet several professionals framed in the nutrition area but specialized in different specific areas. It was really worth it! Congratulations to the Academy for your excellence and thank you very much. I will take more courses with you!
Joana Velosa
Nutrition in Sports Course
- I really liked the whole structure they presented, with a lot of interesting content, availability of the materials by the teachers and the framework of the materials. My experience was very positive, the teachers were also accessible and available. I thank you for all your attention. I hope I can be part of your group of students more often and learn new concepts. Best Regards! With best regards
Miguel Ricardo
Endocrinology and Nutrition Course
- The Endocrinology & Nutrition course was a great complement to my clinical practice. And despite being a complex area, the experience and know-how of the trainers made the classes easier and more appealing. Having access to the recorded classes and material was also an advantage. Congratulations on the course structure.
Daniela Nunes
Endocrinology and Nutrition Course
A very complete course with all the most current evidence on this important topic. High quality and professional lecturers. I appreciate the knowledge I gained by taking this Course.
Inês Gomes
Course Nutrition & Health in Women Athletes
- A complete course, with professionals/teachers of excellence, competent, ready to help and clarify any question. As a nutritionist, very useful, in the sense that it works out details that in the course of our practice we don't appreciate or stop to think about. And also in the sense of the scientific update necessary in this profession, taking into account that it is an area in constant mutation. Very positive feedback. I recommend it to colleagues.
Isa Ferreira
Nutrition and Weight Management Course
- The course far exceeded my expectations. I thought it was extremely well organized and planned from the beginning, and the trainers were amazing and captivating. I especially liked Dr. Maria Travassos' class, I will even send her feedback directly. Also, the fact that you make the recordings available for 30 days is great for those who (like me) can't always watch the class live and want to study it more calmly afterwards. Thank you very much for this excellent first edition!!! Regards
Raquel Estêvão
Course "I'm in consultation with a vegetarian... Now what?"
- I thought the training was very well organized. All the trainers knew what had been given by their colleagues, so in my opinion there was no time wasted repeating things. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I enjoyed all the classes very much. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints, I did not have the opportunity to attend the "live" classes. However, the platform is great (both the previous and the latest one) and I was able to watch all the classes with great quality. All that remains is for me to take the final test! Congratulations on the organization of the course which was very pertinent to my training and thanks to all the trainers for sharing knowledge. Best regards
Inês Costa Moreira
Course "I'm in consultation with a vegetarian... Now what?"
- Being one of the areas that fascinates me in the world of nutrition, I decided to take the opportunity to learn more, with experienced and reference professionals. I consider that the selected contents are all very interesting, appropriate and relevant, always based on the most current evidence and the experience of each trainer. It was undoubtedly an enriching experience and will be an asset to my professional practice. I must also praise the course organization, which was exemplary!
Rita Fernandes
Pediatric Nutrition Course
- From the beginning I had enormous expectations that the course of Nutrition in Football would be a challenging new approach but at the same time would give me new knowledge in the area. In the end I could verify that all this happened and I couldn't ask for better. Thank you
Damião Clemente
Nutrition in Soccer Course

Nutrilink Premium is an exclusive annual subscription offered by Academia Clínica Espregueira that provides access to all the courses listed above.

Nutrilink is an exclusive annual subscription offered by Academia Clínica Espregueira that gives you access to TWO courses from those listed in Nutrilink Premium.

That's 12 straight months of access.

These are the nutrition courses for which Academia Clínica Espregueira is exclusively responsible and which are listed above.

Nutrilink Premium and Nutrilink offer you unique value propositions, giving you access to all or TWO of the courses listed above by Academia Clínica Espregueira. It also offers incredible savings compared to buying the courses individually.

If you subscribe to Nutrilink Premium, you can attend all the courses listed above, for which Academia Clínica Espregueira is exclusively responsible.

If you subscribe to Nutrilink you can attend TWO of the nutrition courses listed above in the nutrilink premium of your choice, for which Academia Clínica Espregueira is exclusively responsible.

You can view each course as soon as it is available and within the time window in which the live classes take place. This time window covers the period when the lessons are taught live online, plus 31 days after the last live lesson was held. Likewise, within each course's time window, you will also have access to the recorded lessons, allowing you to view them at your convenience and get the most out of each course.

No, the courses are scheduled and distributed throughout the year to ensure essentially two things. The possibility to watch the classes live and interact with the teachers, and to organize your annual training plan. Each of the courses tends to have two editions per year.

Yes, but you have to meet the terms and conditions of attendance and assessment to get the certificate and diploma.

The annual subscription to Nutrilink Premium costs only $485 in the first year.

The annual subscription to Nutrilink costs only $385 per year.

By purchasing the Nutrilink Premium subscription, you save over 80% compared to buying the courses individually, which would cost over $2500.

We have five payment methods: MBWAY, ATM, Credit Card, Bank Transfer and Over the Counter 😊

No. Your subscription will only be renewed if you want it and communicate it to us at [email protected]. That way, you have absolute control over your decision. We believe you will want to renew often 😊

In the second year, the renewal costs only €385. In the third year, the cost is only €285. In the fourth year, renewal costs only €185. And in the fifth year, the renewal is only €85.

Academia Clínica Espregueira, in the context of Nutrilink Premium, updates existing courses and launches new ones every year. This ensures that you are always up to date with the latest trends and knowledge in the field of nutrition, providing continuous value and an enriching learning experience.

You can call or write us at: 220 100 148 | 964 652 060 | [email protected]. Talk to us, we will help! 😊