Nutrition and Food Sciences, in the last decade, have experienced an extraordinary evolution in their matrix of professional knowledge and competences, areas of specialization, performance, and social protagonism. As a result, there has been the opportunity for convergence to the profession of nutritionist. The number of nutritionists has quadrupled. The Reference for the Academic Training of the Nutritionist has evolved to articulate and promote a coherent and favorable academic and training exercise for the fulfillment of assumptions leading to the profile of professional competencies. All assumptions are necessary and contribute to the well-being and health of people and society. Only by materializing the purposes of each of the assumptions can nutritionists develop their profession with technical autonomy and comply with deontological duties. The training activities of interest, particularly those that contribute to developing the premises recommended in the matrices of advanced and transversal competencies of nutritionists and specialist nutritionists, are both cause and consequence of the methodology and purpose with which Academia Clínicas Espregueira develops its training offer in nutrition. Thus, we seek to cover professionals with degrees in nutrition science, dietetics and dietetics and nutrition. The training opportunities we offer, supported by scientific evidence and good practices, are favorable to a safe and effective practice in different contexts of the professional practice of nutritionists. Academia Clínicas Espregueira offers a spectrum of complementary courses and with technical-scientific intercurrences that contribute to the current and coherent practice with the best that can be offered in the context of clinical nutrition, sports nutrition and vegetarian nutrition. In this way, nutritionists and nutrition specialists in Collective Nutrition and Catering, Clinical Nutrition and Community Nutrition and Health, can enjoy unique and superiorly structured courses for professional development and specialized professional development. We believe that the innovation and timeliness of the curriculum, as well as the intersection of areas of knowledge (e.g. nutrition and medicine) and the creation of forums of a formative and collaborative nature, provide unique opportunities, both peer and interdisciplinary, for technical and scientific development in nutrition and personal and professional development for nutritionists.
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