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Meet Physiolink, your link to the bright future of rehabilitation, where you can make a difference to people's lives and create a positive impact on the world!

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We teach under the responsibility of highly qualified faculty teams, who render professional experience in combination with science in order to enable you to work in line with the best that is being offered around the world.

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What our alumni

"The course exceeded my expectations and I recommend it to anyone interested in increasing their knowledge in this area. In my opinion, the great differential was the practical component where we had the opportunity to put into practice theoretical components, and the fact that it was a small number of students favored learning. (...) I am grateful for all the knowledge I acquired and look forward to new courses being held around this area that is so little addressed."
Ana Carolina Pinto
Advanced Course in Traumatology in Sports
December 20, 2020
"All the trainers are extremely competent when it comes to the topics to be covered, they work hard to ensure the active participation of the students throughout the course, and they also take extra care to ensure that no questions are left unanswered. As for the staff at Academia Clínica Espregueira, the whole process is carried out professionally and seriously, resulting in great convenience for the students."
Rui Jorge Dias
Sports Nutrition Course
January 17, 2021
"(...) Besides the quality of the courses, you are a team that seeks to provide the best customer service, always being very attentive and polite in the way they treat you. Whenever I can I will invest in your courses!"
Dulce Silva
Football Nutrition Course
February 5th 2021
"The Strength & Conditioning - Dare To Know More course is a course that values the quality of the training. Based on best practices and professionals at the forefront of knowledge, it provides its students with a great theoretical and practical experience based on the latest scientific evidence. As a student, I feel completely honored and grateful that "today" I am a much better professional than "yesterday". It was not only a teaching-learning process, but also an opportunity to meet experts in the field (...).
Tiago Barbosa
Strength & Conditioning Course
June 8, 2021
"I want to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate you for the course! Excellent cast of trainers. I certainly feel more qualified for my professional practice. I will certainly be a student of other trainings! Thank you and best wishes!"
Scheila Pages
Endocrinology & Nutrition Course
February 16, 2023
"This is an extremely well organized course that provides the health professional with relevant and up-to-date principles, tools and knowledge. I would definitely advise it to all those who wish to deepen their knowledge in the area of knee injury evaluation and treatment, so that they can raise the quality of their clinical practice."
Daniel Caetano
Physiotherapy: Evaluation and Treatment of Knee Injuries Course
July 27, 2021
"(...) I believe that the selected contents are all very interesting, appropriate and relevant, always based on the most current evidence and the experience of each lecturer. It was undoubtedly an enriching experience and will be an asset to my professional practice. I must also praise the organization of the course, which was exemplary!"
Rita Fernandes
Advanced Course in Pediatric Nutrition
August 13, 2021
"The professor is a well of wisdom. Besides going over and talking about surface anatomy, he gave practical examples of pathologies. I highly recommend this course (...)"
João Freitas
Functional and Surface Anatomy Course
December 9, 2021
"It was a pleasure to attend the "I am in a consultation with a vegetarian... Now what?" course. Very well organized, with quality and knowledgeable lecturers who were always guided by scientific evidence. Good job!"
Joana Oliveira
"I am in a consultation with a vegetarian... Now what?" Course
December 13, 2021
"A great day of learning and sharing knowledge with the best in the field of sports. I highlight the organization and above all the choice of trainers who are all top references"
Pedro Martins
Advanced Course in Sports Rehabilitation
April 18, 2023
"A complete course, with professionals/teachers of excellence, competent, ready to help and clarify any question. As a nutritionist it was very useful, in the sense that this course works out details that in our practice we undervalue or don't think about. And also in the sense of the scientific update necessary in this profession, taking into account that it is an area in constant mutation. Very positive feedback. I recommend it to colleagues."
Isa Ferreira
Nutrition and Weight Control Course
December 21, 2021
"Very complete course with the most current evidence on this important topic. Speakers of high quality and professionalism. I appreciate the knowledge I gained by taking this course."
Inês Gomes
Nutrition & Health in Women Athletes Course
January 19, 2022
"It was a highly enriching experience. An excellent opportunity to be with and learn from the best on a topic that is part of my life. It is a very worthwhile course for anyone, be it coach, amateur and enthusiast, who wants to learn more about running and trail running."
Rebeca Branco
Running and Trail Running Course
March 6, 2023