Invest in Your Future with Privileged Access to the Rehabilitation Universe. The development of behavior, knowledge and skills is not only a necessity in order to intervene safely and effectively, but also our duty. With us, it's in your hands achieve an extraordinary level of performance at an affordable price!

Imagine the day you walked through the doors of university for the first time, full of hope, enthusiasm and determination to make your dreams a reality, a successful career! You were about to embark on an incredible journey, full of opportunities to choose and grow, learn and carry out your projects in your preferred area of rehabilitation | e.g. sports, urogynecology or others.

Now, after studying, practicing and training with commitment, dedication and persistence, you've received a diploma! It's well-deserved, it certifies your knowledge and the results of your efforts and qualities. But this is only the beginning of your real adventure. After all, the field of rehabilitation is in full evolution, full of new research, discoveries and trends that can positively impact people's lives and society. How you prepare yourself to face and respond to a rapidly changing context will determine your future success.

This is exactly where Physiolink comes in and makes a difference, becoming your link to a constantly growing universe of global relations and aligned with the best on offer in the world. Imagine us as a personal graduate academy, but without the physical limitations, rigid schedules or exorbitant and repeated costs for every step you want to take, for every area or sub-area in which you want to train and specialize. We're here to give you the opportunity to develop your behaviors, to introduce you to advances in science and the best clinical practices in rehabilitation, at your own pace and according to your preferences.

With Physiolink, you'll have access to a variety of modules carefully prepared by recognized experts from all over the world. It's a valuable investment in your future, at an affordable price and, above all, of unusually high quality and fairness. We believe that progress in the field of rehabilitation should not be limited by financial resources, but should be fueled and sustained by passion, dedication and personal investment to consolidate and expand knowledge and competence.

Join Physiolink to continue your learning journey, which began at university, now without borders or obstacles and networking with those who inspire and lead you on the path to excellence. The quest for knowledge has no limits. So we'll be by your side every step of the way, supporting and encouraging you to reach your full potential.

Welcome to Physiolink. Your link to the bright future of rehabilitation, where you can make a difference to people's lives and create a positive impact on your day-to-day life, your life and the world.

The power is in your hands, evaluate well and compare objectively. We're here to guide you towards a rewarding career full of opportunities. Together, let's build a bright future in rehabilitation!

What you will gain with Physiolink

The best scientific-pedagogical offer

A scientific-pedagogical offer of advanced professional training in rehabilitation, in a close relationship and in the context of an invaluable network with professionals who are protagonists in daily clinical practice, research and advanced education.

100% online

Benefit from live theoretical and practical classes, as well as recordings wherever and whenever you want. Guaranteed access to optional practical classes.

Selo de qualidade da Academia Clínica Espregueira com o apoio da Clínica Espregueira – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence

A highly qualified team of teachers and clinicians who are globally recognized among their peers.

+ 70% savings

The best and a proposal of unique quality and market value.

There are more than 45 modules

More than 180 hours of content within the technical-scientific framework of rehabilitation and in line with the best in the world.

Hands-on Workshops

Learn how, with the guidance of rehabilitation and medical experts, to offer rehabilitation solutions that optimize the compliance, viability and success of rehabilitation plans.

What not you can lose

DGERT Certification

Cursos com certificação DGERT e aos quais acresce o direito ao Diploma emitido por centro acreditado FIFA, ISAKOS, ESSKA e ICRS. Na Academia Clínica Espregueira, acreditamos que a qualidade do conhecimento é fundamental, e é por isso que investimos incansavelmente na manutenção da nossa certificação. Existe a convicção que as competências e o desempenho das pessoas são determinantes para o cumprimento do seu objeto numa lógica de melhoria de qualidade contínua. É uma jornada desafiadora e exigente, que requer horas de trabalho dedicado e um investimento significativo, tão humano quão financeiro. No entanto, no final do dia, conseguimos carimbar a qualidade, num pequeno diploma, que representa o melhor do nosso ADN: a arte de ensinar!

A Academia Clínica Espregueira no desenvolvimento das suas atividades formativas, conta também com o apoio do corpo clínico da Clínica Espregueira – FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence, a qual alcançou as acreditações como FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence – primeira na Península Ibérica e única em Portugal, como centro oficial de ensino ESSKA (Sociedade Europeia de Traumatologia Desportiva, Cirurgia do Joelho e Artroscopia), centro oficial aprovado ISAKOS (Sociedade Internacional de Artroscopia, Cirurgia do Joelho e Medicina Desportiva) e da ICRS (Sociedade Internacional de Regeneração de Cartilagem e Preservação das Articulações).

Free access to the VIII Espregueira Clinic Congress

The subscription offers you the chance to attend the largest sports medicine congress for free, where rehabilitation plays a leading role. Did you know that every year we organize a congress that brings together the best specialists in your field? It's two intense days, the result of a whole year's work and careful planning, as well as a considerable investment. We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. Last year, the last participant to buy a ticket invested €110 and, in the end, had an incredible experience, saying "I would have paid twice as much and what an incredible two days it was". This is what we work hard for, and now we've included this exclusive benefit in your Physiolink. Over 20% of the package price is dedicated to this item alone. Yes, we're generous with you, but above all, we are, committed and fair to our mission to teach and your right to learn and correspond!

The opportunity to learn from professionals whose CVs are solid and whose expertise is recognized by their peers at national and international level.

Educational Materials

PDFs of lessons, scientific articles and other teaching documents/tools for professional practice. With a Physiolink subscription, you'll have access to all the teaching materials made available and authorized by teachers. From PDFs to articles and useful and necessary tools, we provide everything you need to make your journey easier. We believe that the secret lies in the process, in consolidation. We know that there are several ways to get from Point A to Point B, just as there are several vehicles. At Physiolink, we want to offer you the shortest and safest route, equipped and supported by scientific evidence and best clinical practice.

The opportunity to learn, in each course and from each of the professionals whose expertise is paired with each specific topic; this enables you to get in touch with the cutting edge, with those who really know and to significantly shorten the time and investment needed to achieve expertise in each topic.

By subscribing to Physiolink, you are investing in yourself and your professional development. We believe that every advantage associated with our subscription is a step in the right direction and an invaluable asset for people, for society and for you to succeed professionally.

We are here to support you at every stage of your journey, providing you with quality knowledge and the ideal conditions to develop advanced skills, access to exclusive events and current, coherent learning materials. Together, we will achieve great things!

Team Lecturer

At the heart of our project lies an unwavering commitment to excellence based on scientific evidence and good practice. We not only attract those who seek knowledge, but also leaders who play a key role in society and in our educational mission. In addition to the most respected and renowned faculty, we value those who tirelessly seek evidence, constantly advance good practice and generously share the best from around the world, without prejudice or personal interest. These are our leaders and your mentors, those who point the way and enable us to offer an education of excellence.

Carla Faria Copy
WhatsApp Image 2023 01 23 At 16.00.02
Carlos Sales
Prof. JEM 1 400x400
Joao Noura
João Noura
José Pedro Marques Copy
José Pedro Marques
FMAC + JSA Mª João Sá
Maria João Sá
Nuno Loureiro
Ricardo Mexia Copy
Ricardo Mexia
Rita Paiva 3
Rogério Pereira
Ruben Ferreira 2
Ruben Ferreira
Telmo Firmino Current
Adriana Lages Copia
Adriana Lages
Alexandre Rebelo Marques
Alexandre Rebelo Marques
Ana Goios 400x400
Ana Goios
Ana Oliveira Copy
Ana Oliveira
Ana Sousa Current
Ana Sousa
Anabela Mota Pinto
Anabela Mota Pinto
André Seabra2 Copy
André Seabra
André Silva Current Copy
André Silva
António Araújo Copy
António Araújo
Antonio Luis Silva
Antonio Pedro Mendes Current
António Pedro Mendes
Basil Ribeiro
Basil Ribeiro
Bruno Rodrigues
Bruno Rodrigues
Carla Faria Copy
Carla Faria
Carlos Magalhães
Carlos Magalhães
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Carlos Sales
Cristina Jácome
Cristina Jácome
Cruz De Melo Copy
Cruz De Melo
Diogo Rodrigues Gomes
Diogo Rodrigues Gomes
Elisa Marques Copy
Elisa Marques
Elton Goncalves
Elton Gonçalves
Henrique Jones
Henrique Jones
Hugo Paredes Current Copy
Hugo Paredes
Isabel Crespo
Isabel Moreira Da Silva
Isabel Moreira Silva
João Breda
João Freitas Copy
João Magalhães
João Sequeira Alves
João Sequeira Alves
João Tavares Copy
João Tavares
Joni Nunes Current
Jóni Nunes
Jorge Silverio
Jorge Silvério
José Dias Copy
José Dias
Lucas Brink Copy
Lucas Brink
Luís Oliveira Copy
Luís Oliveira
FMAC + JSA Mª João Sá
Maria João Sá
Natalia Mendes Current
Natalia Mendes
Nuno Pais (2)
Nuno Pais
Paulo Roriz (1)
Paulo Roriz
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Ferreira
Pedro Matos Silva
Pedro Matos Silva
Pedro Morouco
Pedro Morouço
Renato Andrade Current
Renato Andrade
Ricardo Bastos2 Copy (2)
Ricardo Bastos
Ricardo Vidal
Ricardo Vidal
Rita Tomás Current
Rita Tomás
Sérgio Querido
Sérgio Querido
Sergio Rodrigues Gomes
Sérgio Rodrigues Gomes
Teresa Tomás Copy
Teresa Tomás
Tiago Lopes
Tiago Lopes
Vítor Pinheiro Copy
Vítor César Pinheiro

Yes, you're one of those who relentlessly pursues excellence, who is determined to elevate your career and achieve success. Here lies the key to your growth: access to an ecosystem of knowledge and a network of invaluable professionals. We understand that transformation is not just a financial investment, but a journey that is worth every step, every day dedicated and every goal achieved. That's why we offer you a unique and transformative opportunity to acquire knowledge on a daily basis, by just 1.35 euros a day!

It's a fair price to pay for an extraordinary personal and professional transformation. Get ready to discover details, strategies and proven practices that will take your career in rehabilitation to exceptional levels. This is your chance to invest in yourself and secure a bright future. Don't miss out on this unique offer. It's time to make your choice and embark on this journey to success. Get Physiolink now!

Plan Annual

Physiolink Premium

Exclusive for physiotherapists or final year physiotherapy students

12 months' access to all the courses listed on the right/bottom

You will also have access to:

  • Several hands-on workshops
  • Single and Multiprofessional Faculty Community

  • Ao apoio da Equipa da Academia Clínica Espregueira que é única pela sua simpatia, dedicação e competência.

  • And also: Access to differentiated support materials, access to tools to support consultation and treatment sessions...

But there's more for you! You'll get a DGERT Certificate for all courses and access to the Clinicas Espregueira Congress. For two days, you'll be able to interact with the best national and international specialists completely free of charge.

  • There are more than 45 modules

    More than 180 hours of content within the technical-scientific framework of rehabilitation aligned with the best in the world
  • Includes access to courses:
  • Physiotherapy Course: Assessment and Treatment of Knee Injuries
  • Advanced Course in Sports Rehabilitation
  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Course
  • Sports Physiotherapy Course: Specialization in Football
  • Surface and Functional Anatomy
  • Asynchronous Courses

Send proof of qualifications, professional card or proof of registration to [email protected].

System single bonus

But something else sets us apart, yes, we are different, we have one objective, to facilitate access to knowledge, and to do this we have developed a plan, a path... a path without barriers, a green lane so that year after year the growth is exponential. 5 years of knowledge at the lowest price on the market! This will be our legacy and your pillars for success.

As a Physiolink subscriber, for just €493 for the first year, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy a unique value proposition. If you bought the courses individually, the cost would exceed €2000. More than 70% in savings. In the second year, you'll have the option to renew your subscription, and the decision is entirely yours, for just 393€, providing an even greater value. In the third year, the value will only be 293€, with even greater benefits. In the fourth year, the renewal will cost just 193€, reaffirming our commitment to offering exclusive advantages. And finally, in the fifth year, the renewal will be just 93€, permitindo que usufruas de uma relação custo-benefício simplesmente extraordinária. Não há adjetivos suficientes para descrever o valor que oferecemos em comparação com o preço cobrado. É como ter um Ferrari pelo preço de um “Carro sem carta”, é uma verdadeira oferta imperdível. Por apenas 93€, poderás continuar a desfrutar de todos os cursos listados em cima pela Academia Clínica Espregueira. Aproveita esta oportunidade única e permite que te guiemos numa jornada de conhecimento e crescimento na área da reabilitação. O Physiolink é a chave para alcançar o teu potencial máximo no campo da reabilitação, a um preço verdadeiramente excepcional. Não deixes escapar esta chance!

  • There are more than 20 modules
  • There are more than 40 hours of content within the technical and scientific framework of rehabilitation, aligned with the best in the world.
  • Includes access to TWO of the courses:
  • Surface and Functional Anatomy
  • Prescription of Physical Exercise - Fundamentals and Applications
  • Pilates Method - The Classical Matwork - Level 1 and 2
  • Asynchronous Courses


12 months' access to TWO of the courses listed on the left

You will also have access to:

  • Single and Multiprofessional Faculty Community

  • Ao apoio da Equipa da Academia Clínica Espregueira que é única pela sua simpatia, dedicação e competência.

  • And also: Access to differentiated support materials, access to tools to support consultations and treatment sessions...

But there's more for you! You'll get a DGERT certificate for BOTH courses and access to the Clinicas Espregueira Congress under special conditions.

Testimonials from Alumni
The course exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone interested in increasing their knowledge in this area. In my opinion, the big difference was the practical component, where we had the opportunity to put the theory into practice, and the fact that there were only a small number of students made learning easier. The content was cohesive and accompanied by real examples, where trainer Rita Paiva managed to convey her knowledge clearly. I'm grateful for all the knowledge I've acquired and I look forward to further courses on this area, which is so little covered.
Beatriz Ruas
Physiotherapy Applied to the Pelvic Floor - 1st Edition
I attended the last edition of the pelvic rehabilitation course and I really liked both the trainer and the facilities. It was my first course at this clinic and I definitely intend to return.
Cristina Machado
Physiotherapy Applied to the Pelvic Floor - 3rd Edition
Congratulations in advance on the panel of trainers, the structure of the course (online classes, practice and exam), the richness and relevance of the content. Very useful.
Pedro Brites
Sports Physiotherapy - Specialization in Football - 1st Edition
No que diz respeito ao curso, posso admitir foram superadas todas as expectativas! Todos os docentes, sem exceção, e elementos da Academia Clínica Espregueira demonstraram grande competência e profissionalismo. Este curso vale cada cêntimo e recomendo vivamente a quem tem interesse na área do futebol e em manter-se atualizado no que diz respeito às práticas clínicas mais recentes e baseadas em evidência.
David Vieira
Sports Physiotherapy - Specialization in Football - 1st Edition
This is an extremely well-organized course that provides health professionals with relevant and up-to-date principles, tools and knowledge. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge in the area of assessment and treatment of knee injuries, so that they can improve the quality of their clinical practice.
Daniel Caetano
Physiotherapy: Assessment and Treatment of Knee Injuries - 2nd Edition
Uma formação de excelente qualidade e rigor, com profissionais ao mais alto nível. Nestas aulas, os formadores partilham não só a experiência, mas também o melhor que a evidência nos proporciona. Sem dúvida que cresci profissionalmente e que fiz uma excelente opção em ter escolhido a Academia Clínica Espregueira.
Nuno Marques
Sports Rehabilitation - 6th Edition
A course that I highly recommend to anyone involved in sports rehabilitation. I would highlight the exceptional range of trainers.
Pedro Martins
Sports Rehabilitation - 7th Edition
The Advanced Course in Sports Rehabilitation is a course with an important practical component, which discusses not only rehabilitation, but also the main sports injuries. The modules are very well structured and cover the assessment of the athlete, the identification of risk factors for injury, the injury context and the rehabilitation process. Very useful for those who want to work with athletes. The teachers are excellent and very available, and the lessons follow the latest evidence. I really enjoyed this course!
Claudia Reis
Sports Rehabilitation - 8th Edition
As far as the course was concerned, it was very positive, the quality of the content and the teacher's experience in the field were aspects that stood out. It was undoubtedly a good investment in my personal training.
Christian Gonzalez
Pilates Method - The Classical Matwork - Level 1 and 2 - 15th Edition
The feedback is very positive. It was an extremely practical, dynamic training course that added a lot of knowledge and a desire to discover more about Pilates. Enriching.
Catia Almeida
Pilates Method - The Classical Matwork - Level 1 and 2 - 16th Edition
I really enjoyed the training, it exceeded my expectations and I'd do it all week.
João Batata
Pilates Method - The Classical Matwork - Level 1 and 2 - 17th Edition

O Physiolink é uma assinatura anual exclusiva oferecida pela Academia Clínica Espregueira que fornece acesso a todos os cursos listados em cima.

O Reablink é uma assinatura anual exclusiva oferecida pela Academia Clínica Espregueira que fornece acesso a DOIS dos cursos listados em cima.

That's 12 straight months of access.

O Physiolink Premium e o Reablink oferecem-te propostas de valor únicas, permitindo o acesso a todos os cursos listados em cima pela Academia Clínica Espregueira ou a DOIS dos cursos de reabilitação entre os também listados em cima. Além disso, oferece uma poupança incrível em comparação com a compra individual dos cursos.

Se subscreveres o Physiolink Premium podes frequentar todos os cursos listados em cima cuja responsabilidade organizativa é exclusiva da Academia Clínica Espregueira.

Se subscreveres o Reablink podes frequentar DOIS dos cursos de reabilitação listados na tabela do Reablink à tua escolha, cuja responsabilidade organizativa é exclusiva da Academia Clínica Espregueira.

You can view each course as soon as it is available and within the time window in which the live classes take place. This time window covers the period when the lessons are taught live online, plus 31 days after the last live lesson was held. Likewise, within each course's time window, you will also have access to the recorded lessons, allowing you to view them at your convenience and get the most out of each course.

No, the courses are scheduled and distributed throughout the year to ensure essentially two things. The possibility of attending classes live and interacting with the teachers, and organizing your annual training plan. Each course tends to have two editions a year.

Yes, but you have to meet the terms and conditions of attendance and assessment to get the certificate and diploma.

The annual subscription to Physiolink Premium costs just €493 for the first year.

Reablink's annual subscription costs just €398 per year.

By purchasing the Physiolink Premium subscription, you save more than 70% compared to buying the courses individually, which would cost more than 2000€.

We have six payment methods: MBWAY, Multibanco, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Google Pay and Payment at the counter 😊

No. Your subscription will only be renewed if you want it and communicate it to us at [email protected]. That way, you have absolute control over your decision. We believe you will want to renew often 😊

In the second year, renewal costs just €393. In the third year, it costs just €293. In the fourth year, renewal costs just €193. And in the fifth year, renewal is just 93€.

A Academia Clínica Espregueira, no contexto do Physiolink Premium, faz atualizações nos cursos existentes e lança novos cursos a cada ano. Isto garante que tu estejas sempre atualizado com as últimas tendências e conhecimentos na área da reabilitação, proporcionando um valor contínuo e uma experiência de aprendizagem enriquecedora.

You can call or write us at: 220 100 148 | 964 652 060 | [email protected]. Talk to us, we will help! 😊