Rehabilitation comprises a set of interventions aimed at optimizing functioning and reducing disability in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment. Rehabilitation is a broad, concrete concept, where various therapeutic goals should be achieved in a multi-professional setting (e.g., Physical Therapists, Physicians, Doctors, Nurses, Sports Science and Physical Education Professionals) and in full observance of a safe and effective practice. For this, there is a pressing need to detect legal precepts of professional practice, as well as to know how to support them in clear constructs, well-defined technical and scientific precedences, training processes with coherent access, learning objectives, and performance. Thus, the substance and purpose of Rehabilitation (e.g. Nutrition Sciences, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and others), Nursing, Medicine and others in the context of the national classification of education and training areas should promote working in harmony of concepts, expanding and enabling the interface with professionals in the sports sciences and physical education, social work and other areas of knowledge determinant to respond to more than 2 billion people who globally can benefit from rehabilitation, despite observing technical-scientific references indexed to professions, Approximately 1 in 3 people worldwide could benefit from rehabilitation. Academia Clínicas Espregueira promotes, based on the above, on scientific evidence and on good practices, Physical Therapy and Advanced Physical Therapy courses for physiotherapists as well as Rehabilitation courses for nurses, physicians, sports science and physical education professionals, physical therapists, osteopaths and others who, within the context of the competencies of their degree, without exceeding the limits of their competence, contribute significantly to the well-being and health of people and society. A matricial and social consensus, which is intended to be broad and well understood in the face of superior and collective interest, through the continued work of supervisory bodies, Orders and professional associations, of per se professionals and of health literacy by society, although with a lot of work ahead, simultaneously invites everyone to comply and be co-responsible with safety and effectiveness of their choices in training and health. Academia Clínicas Espregueira assumes its responsibilities in the development of courses with the clear understanding that, by definition, in Rehabilitation, there is a collective space for the actions of the doctor and medicine, the nurse and nursing, the physiotherapist and physiotherapy, as well as for those of many other professionals in the Life and Health Sciences, where the indelible and decisive impact of the professional practice in favor of well-being and health is evident.
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