Soccer Specialization
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Soccer Specialization

The physical therapists who work in the context of physical therapy in sport develop a professional practice that is crucial for the prevention, physical recovery, rehabilitation and recovery of athletes. This requires the expansion and the increase of advanced and specific competences according to the intervention area and sport modality.

Soccer has been giving great visibility to the work of physical therapists, supporting it, in the context of multiprofessional teams, with the parameterization of health, financial and sporting results. The results point to a positive impact in all three dimensions. The availability of athletes to train and play defines in part, the direction of the results, i.e., statistically there are correlations between greater availability (fewer injuries, shorter periods of downtime) and financial and sporting results. Thus, in light of the concept of dominance applied to injury prevention programs, we can say that the intervention of the physical therapist, naturally in the context of health teams, is dominant. This also means that the employment of physical therapists in soccer is sustainable and effective.

The practice of physiotherapy in sports, due to the plurality and particularities of the contexts, as is the case of physiotherapy in soccer, recommends and may come to demand a profile and status of specialist. Physiotherapists must acquire and, in individual, clinical and sports contexts, apply advanced and added competences to what is the technical-scientific referential of graduation. The main purpose of the course, designated as Sport Physiotherapy: Football Specialization, is to promote behaviors, learning of core knowledge and skills for physiotherapy in sport, particularly for soccer physiotherapy.

Based in part on the risk matrix and trauma profile of soccer, we have planned and structured a course that will contribute to and empower a specialized practice of physiotherapists. We have invited physiotherapists and other clinicians with credits in clinical practice at the highest level in sport and soccer, solid curricula, skills and means to lead the participants through the advocated learning objectives and outcomes.

The course in Sport Physical Therapy: Football Specialization is composed of two components: the first online and the second, face-to-face and optional. The core contents to be developed in the course are:

  • Injury Prevention in Soccer
  • Rehabilitation of muscle injuries
  • Conservative, post-surgical treatment and sports resumption after ACL rupture
  • Treatment of meniscal lesions: post-meniscectomy rehabilitation Vs meniscal repair
  • Treatment of pubalgic syndrome: Surgery Vs conservative treatment
  • Therapeutic management of tendinopathies
  • Mechanisms of ankle sprain
  • Active and passive recovery strategies
  • Physical evaluation of the lower limb
  • Functional bandages
  • Evaluation of hip adductor and heel strength
  • Mobility and motor control training

The course in Sports Physiotherapy: Football Specialty is intended for physiotherapists registered in the Order of Physiotherapists and final year students of the degree in physiotherapy. The contribution and purpose is to expand and consolidate the qualifications of physical therapists who work or will work in soccer, for a safe and effective professional practice, in line with the best that is done in the world.


  Describe the evidence and best practices of injury prevention in soccer
  Identify and classify, discuss decision trees and describe rehabilitation programs for muscle injuries
  Describe and formulate rehabilitation programs for conservative and post-surgical treatment in the context of ACL rupture
  Discuss and defend assumptions of time, structure and function for sports resumption after ACL rupture
  Differentiate and explain rehabilitation programs adjusted to meniscectomies and meniscal repairs
  Discuss different etiologic entities, indications and treatment options of pubalgic syndrome
  Describe and justify, based on clinical guidelines, flowcharts for the therapeutic management of tendinopathies
  Describe and justify conservative treatment options for ruptures of the ankle external ligament complex
  Describe and justify the implementation of active and/or passive recovery strategies
  Identify and apply lower limb physical assessment tests and procedures
  Select and apply materials and techniques for functional bandages adjusted to the clinical context
  Describe and perform hip adductor and heel strength measurements
  Describe and perform mobility and motor control exercises focusing on the trunk, lumbar-pelvic region and lower limbs

Why am I going to be better with this course?

It will be better because the course of Sports Physiotherapy: Football Specialization enables you to to develop a specialist profile embodied in the expansion and addition of necessary of necessary and extraordinary competencies to the technical-scientific referential of graduating physiotherapists. The critical selection of content, as well as a multidisciplinary faculty, with broad and solid competencies will enable you to know and to do in a coherent, current and in line with the best and in line with the best that is done in the world in the area of physiotherapy in sports and particularly in soccer intervention.


8:00pm | 9:00pm ricardo vidal

Physiotherapeutic evaluation in the pre-season: what and why?

8:00pm | 10:00pm ruben ferreira

Prevention routines in professional football clubs: what I do in my day-to-day life.

8:00pm | 10:00pm ROGERIO PEREIRA

Prevention and increase of physical robustness.

20:00 |21:00 carlos sales

Clinical Cases - Hamstring 

21:00 |22:00 Telmo Firmino

Clinical Cases - Solear

8:00pm | 9:00pm Ricardo Vidal

Clinical Cases - Femoral Rectus

9:00pm | 10:00pm Telmo firmino

Clinical Cases - Gastrocnemius

8:00pm | 10:00pm João Noura

Conservative rehabilitation of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture - a clinical case history.

8:00pm | 10:00pm Ricardo Vidal

Post-surgical rehabilitation of ACL rupture. 

22:00 | 23:00 Rogério Pereira

Return to Play after surgical ACL reconstruction.

8:00pm | 9:00pm tiago lopes

Anatomy and biomechanics of the knee menisci: characterization of the internal and external meniscus.

9:00pm | 10:00pm Tiago Lopes

Discussion and explanation of best practices in post-meniscectomy rehabilitation VS meniscal repair

8:00pm | 9:00pm Sérgio Rodrigues-Gomes

Imaging findings associated with pubalgic syndrome.

9:00pm | 10:00pm

Conditions with surgical indication: characterization of the intervention and guidelines for rehabilitation.

22:00 | 23:00 Diogo Rodrigues-gomes

Conditions with indication for conservative treatment

8:00pm | 9:00pm  Rogério Pereira

Conservative rehabilitation of rotulian and aquilateral tendinopathies.

9:00pm | 10:00pm Ricardo Vidal

Post-surgical rehabilitation of Achilles tendon ruptures: a case study.

8:00pm | 9:00pm 

The problematic "sprain" of the ankle

9:00pm | 10:00pm 

Rehabilitation of isolated ruptures of the ankle external ligament complex

8:00pm | 10:00pm Sérgio M. Querido

Active and passive recovery strategies.

8:00pm | 10:00pm Paulo Roriz

Planning Return to Play soccer based on team and player metrics - GPS


14:30 | 16:30 Rogério Pereira

Demonstration, training and clinical interpretation in the physical assessment of the lower limb

  • Tests and techniques for evaluating the integrity and consequence of rupture and/or biomechanical incompetence of the ligaments: anterior and posterior peroneal-astragalian, peroneal-calcaneal, tibio-peroneal syndesmosis, anterior and posterior cruciate, internal lateral and external lateral knee
  • Ankle and femoroacetabular conflict assessment tests
  • Discriminatory evaluation of ankle, knee, and hip mobility restriction patterns due to changes in capsular-ligamentous, muscular, or other structures
17:00 | 19:00 João Magalhães

Demonstration and training of a battery of mobility and motor control exercises

  • Incidence on the trunk, lumbo-pelvic region and lower limbs
19:00 | 21:00 

Therapeutic and preventive functional bandages applicable to the ankle and foot

  • Evaluation and selection of materials, equipment, and techniques
9:00 | 11:00 Ricardo Vidal

Demonstration and training in the measurement procedures and parameterization of hip adductor strength and jumping ability

11.30| 13:30 CARLOS SALES

Rehabilitation of ischiotibial and soleus ruptures - from injury to Return to Play


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Carlos Sales
Diogo Rodrigues Gomes
Diogo Rodrigues Gomes
João Magalhães
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João Noura
Paulo Roriz (1)
Paulo Roriz
Ricardo Vidal
Ricardo Vidal
Rogério Pereira
Rogério Pereira
Ruben Ferreira
Ruben Ferreira
Sergio Rodrigues Gomes
Sérgio Rodrigues Gomes
FMAC Telmo Firmino
Tiago Lopes
Tiago Lopes



Promotion ends in:



  26h of training - 100% Online
  10h of face-to-face and optional group practices at Clínica Espregueira - FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence
  Access to the replay of the classes up to 31 days after the last class of the course
  Vocational Training Certificate* or Vocational Training Attendance Certificate
  * In addition, the right to the Diploma issued by a FIFA, ISAKOS, ESSKA and ICRS accredited centre.
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Soccer Specialization

Registration fees:

Until March 26, 2023 - 292
After March 26, 2023 - 360

Payment in installments:

70% - Upon registration
30% - 30 days after registration


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